• Cardamon Pods Green 100g

Cardamon Pods Green 100g

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Green Cardamom Pods have a strong, unique taste, with an intensely aromatic, resinous fragrance, and a minty coolness. The oval pods are green and are used in savoury and sweet dishes. Next to black pepper, cardamom is the most common spice in India. It is also one of the world’s most ancient spices, often glorified as the Queen of Spices. It is a main ingredient of the Garam Masala. Also, it is used widely in India for culinary and medical purposes.

Culinary Uses

  • For a better flavour bruise the pods and use them in slow cooking 
  • For recipes requiring whole cardamom pods, a generally accepted equivalent is 10 pods equals 1½ teaspoons of ground cardamom 
  • Tea and coffee made with cardamom are pleasantly aromatic and refreshing. 
  • Try cardamom the Arabic way. Add a little to your ground coffee before brewing, then sweeten and top with cream. 
  • Many pulaos, curries and hot dishes call for cardamom to be added whole, with the pod. It slowly infuses the dish with its essence and the shell disintegrates as it cools. Hence, is often used to provide aroma to biryanis, pulaos and kebabs.
  • Western desserts like flans, rice pudding and porridge also use this spice.

Health Benefits

Cardamon has many health benefits. It stimulates the digestive system, reduces gas and counteract excess acidity in the stomach. It stimulates appetite and cures halitosis (bad breath). Wrigleys chewing gum  uses cardamom in its list of ingredients to counter act bad breath. Also, its expectorant action improves circulation to the lungs and thus considered good for asthma and bronchitis. An infusion made by boiling a couple of pounded cardamoms in a cup of water along with few mint leaves, relieves you from hiccups.


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